The “butthurt” women of sci-fi have taken over Patrick Rothfuss’s #SoWeary tag as Hugos uproar continues.

I missed this on Twitter. Jesus. And Wil. I want so badly to keepyou as my hero. I haven’t unfollowed you on Twitter, yet, but boy am I glad I unfollowed you on Tumblr. You really need to understand that if you don’t want to be a dick, you have to maintain an awareness of your own privilege.

Very disappointed too. Kameron Hurley wrote an awesome take on this - worth a read.

Rage Doesn’t Exist in a Vacuum, or: Understanding the Complex Continuum of Internet Butt-Hurt*

I know a lot of people really liked The Name of the Wind, and I enjoyed reading it, but when I got to the end I felt like there was no indication throughout that Rothfuss had really thought about his female characters as people.

So I guess this isn’t super surprising.

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Ferris Bueller, you’re my hero.

Unpopular opinion: Ferris Bueller was King of the Entitled Fucksticks.

For what it’s worth, I agree. Bueller is loathsome.

My mom has always hated Ferris Bueller for this very reason.

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If you say the word cis ever around me I will most likely stab you directly in the throat

Aww because you dont get to feel “normal” and better than trans people?

No, because equality can…

Cis people threatening violence at the smallest hint that their identity and experience should not be the yardstick by which all other people are measured…

…must be a day that ends in Y.

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quotes like “nobody will love you until you love yourself” and “nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent” are bullshit and people that use them are fucking awful and i hate them.


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“no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”




that’s bullshit and people need to stop saying it.

That phrase is the adult version of, “Why are you hitting yourself?”

Seriously? You think Eleanor Roosevelt is full of shit?

What she’s saying is that people can treat you like you don’t matter, but they are wrong. YOU know you matter, and that’s what is important. What people think of you means nothing unless you let it get to you. Folks don’t like you? That’s not your problem unless you let it.

“That’s not your problem unless you let it” is victim-blaming bullshit.

Members of the dominant group can make laws and traditions that define you as lesser, if they let you be human at all. They can gaslight you into hating yourself, into hating people like you, into helping fuck over those people because of the characteristics you share.

Eleanor Roosevelt was an upper-class White woman. On this subject, she was indeed full of shit.

"Black women wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and see Black women. White women wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and see women. White men wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and see human beings."

— Michelle Haimoff, on privilege (via jatigi)

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A gay elite has hijacked queer struggle and positioned their desires as everyone else’s needs— the dominant signs of straight conformity have become the ultimate measures of gay success. Even when the gay rights agenda does include important issues, it does it in a way that consistently prioritizes the most privileged while fucking over everyone else.

I’m using the term “gay rights”, instead of the more popular term of the moment “LGBT rights”, because “LGBT” usually means gay, with lesbian in parentheses, throw out the bisexuals, and put trans on for a little window-dressing. Don’t even think about queers who don’t fit neatly into one of the prevailing categories!


— ‘That’s Revolting!’ book (via fuckyeahhardfemme)

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"White people’s #1 freedom, is the freedom to be totally ignorant about those who are other than white. We don’t have to learn about those who are other than white. Our #2 freedom is the freedom to deny that we’re ignorant."

— Jane Elliot  (via slimmcharles)

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Gay White Men who call themselves “Sassy Black Women” should have their privileged, racist balls clamped by a nutcracker. 

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the whole article is really just.. ugh.

  • Sexism is institutionalized at birth. As Asher Bauer explains in “Not Your Mom’s Trans 101,” “Let’s start at the beginning. A baby is born. The doctor says ‘It’s a boy’ or ‘It’s a girl’ based on the appearance of the child’s genitals. […] the child is then raised as whatever arbitrary gender the doctor saw fit to assign.” On the one hand, this is often the setup for trans identification later in life, with the individual realizing that her gender doesn’t match up with her biological sex (as designated by the doctor and social conventions that elide sex and gender). On the other hand, some argue that girls face sexism from birth while boys, even if they later identify as women, do not, signifying a fundamental difference in terms of privilege and upbringing between cisgender and trans women.
  • Gender is socially constructed. Expounding on an idea most famously discussed by Simone de Beauvoir in The Second SexLaurie Penny writes“Not a single person on this planet is born a woman. Becoming a woman, for those who willingly or unwillingly undertake the process, is torturous, magical, bewildering–and intensely political.” Trans women have to function in the same patriarchal culture cisgender women do, so it’s not a huge leap to say that all women can stand together against inequality. However, even the term “cisgender” is a contentious one, as it suggests ciswomen have privileges (by “being able to” conform to the sex/gender binary) that transwomen do not. According to Miska, “cisgender privilege” is a fundamental misnomer because “we do not have gender privilege to begin with.”
wait wait I think you must have made a series of really unfortunate errors here because it sounds like you’re suggesting that transwomen are more privileged than ciswomen. And you didn’t mean to say that, right? right? right?

“According to Miska, “cisgender privilege” is a fundamental misnomer because “we do not have gender privilege to begin with.”

No… no. OK just off the top of my head, here are some privileges I have as a cis woman over some trans* women:

  • No body dysphoria regarding my secondary sexual characteristics (genitalia, breasts)
  • No one ever questions me when I walk into a women’s bathroom or dressing room
  • No one has ever questioned whether I’m a “real” woman
  • As a straight woman, I am free to marry a cisgender man in any state in the US
  • No one in my family has ever questioned my gender identity

And the list goes on and on. And being a woman does have some gender privileges. Men have WAY MORE of them, but we have some.

What is with the mainstream feminism transfails going on today???


Emi Koyama addressed the first point in her article “Whose Feminism is it Anyway?The Unspoken Racism of the Trans Inclusion Debate,” publicly available in PDF form here:

Basically, her main point is that it is ALREADY a White middle-class woman’s privileged fantasy that all women share some “common experience.”  If you want to kick trans* women out of the movement, then you’d better be ready to send all the middle-class White women, who have a shit ton of privilege that low-income women of color do not, with them.

(And yes, of course cisgender privilege is a thing.  Let’s start with “I am way less likely to be murdered because someone doesn’t think my genitals look right.”)

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I got thoughts and feelings right now




As I’m watching youarenotyou’s (super appreciated, btw) call for help for the trans chicks getting attacked by radscums build notes quickly and cis people actually paying attention.

And I’m remembering when we were under attack the last time and all of our calls for help, from like 12 different trans women, went ignored. Blogged and liked only by other trans women and some trans guys and nonbinary folks. And those same people helped us fight off the radscums. But no cis people.

That cis people only notice when it isn’t us calling them out but agender or fluid gender (or other nonbinary type) trans people or (especially) trans guys calling them out for leaving us high and dry when their own are targeting us.

That more often than not we can fight and fight and scream for help and cis people will stay quiet as shit but if a trans person who isn’t a trans woman calls them out they start flooding in, asking what they can do and how they can help.

Watching Raven have to single handedly take down a radscum by finding her personal blog cuz I and several other trans women got triggered out of function and no cis people fucking anywhere did anything.

Seeing the giant reblog lines created when these fuckers come after us and we tear them apart but they don’t care cuz in the end it’s about draining us, hurting us, pushing us down. Still no cis people.

I get compared to MRAs and misgendered. No cis people.

A pile of radscums come in after Raven cuz she actually was successful in one take down. And still. Where the fuck were the cis people then?

But someone else speaks up. Someone who isn’t a trans woman.

And the flood of aid starts.

I got a lot of feelings now. A lot of thoughts and feelings about this.

Yeah, I have a lot of complex feelings and thoughts about this.  Although I will say as a non-binary trans femme person, I am often seen as a trans woman and treated the same way.

Yeah most nonbinary folks who are perceived as trans women (especially the dmab ones) get thrown into the pit with the rest of us.

Which is really telling, isn’t it, about how cis minds work.

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While I was certainly every angry and upfront in my Dear Skinny People rant I fail to see that I was skinny shamming.

I did not say that skinny bodies are lesser bodies. I did not say that skinny bodies are disgusting bodies. I did not say that skinny bodies don’t deserve love.  I did not say that skinny people should gain weight. I did not gloat about the fact I could fit into clothes they couldn’t.

I said skinny people should stop complaining about lack of availability of clothing in their size. (And I don’t consider inbetweenies skinny. My mom is one, I know you have a hard time finding clothes.)

I don’t need to finish off every fat rant with, “oh, but skinny people are nice too.” We are told that skinny bodies are the ideal bodies every fucking day.

Thin people never allow fat people any space to complain. Every time we vent we’re accused of body-shaming or some other shit to silence us.

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Million Hoodie March for Trayvon Martin. Union Square NYC.
Photo by J. Quazi King
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Million Hoodie March for Trayvon Martin. Union Square NYC.

Photo by J. Quazi King

-Please do not REMOVE credits when rebloggin, THANKS!

filed under: how to use your privilege to point out injustice.

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New Rule


You will describe all direct harmful actions or damaging negligence with the appropriate -ist words.  Especially the word racist.

Example 1:

“I never thought about how band-aids were made to match the skin of people like me!”


Person overlooks a thing because they are privileged and don’t have to think about it.  You may call the above statement privileged in this instance. Although if you called it racist, you would not be wrong.

Example 2:

“I never thought that the Black babies I care for would need protection from the sun as well.”

Racist.  (also true story from when my sister worked at a daycare.)

Person neglects to think of the Black children as people and assumed their skin makes them a different species and, thus, puts them in danger by not protecting them from the elements.  If you used the word “privileged” in this instance, I would say KBURD and give you this face:

You don’t want to get that face. You will loathe yourself from deep within if I gave you that face.

Err on the side of not minimizing racist harm.

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Wonders never cease.

… huh.