"Even when a person is dead, bodily autonomy trumps right to life. After all, they still need permission to harvest organs from a corpse to save other lives. I just think that women should at least have the same right to bodily autonomy as a corpse."

A quote I just read in relation to abortion. Very well put. 

“Body Autonomy” or “Bodily integrity” is self-determination of human beings over their own bodies. You can’t be forced to give blood, bone marrow, or any part of you to another. You can’t even have them taken from you after you die without permission. The fact that you can save a life is irrelevant, nobody can forcefully take something from you.

Yet, there are people out there who believe 50% of the population *must* give up their body for 9 months, even if there’s risk of it killing them. 

This is my new favourite “anti-choice folk are ignorant, sexist, idiots” argument. 

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