naturalmomma-deactivated2013091 said: My unvaccinated child is not going to be killing anyone. That's just ridiculous. If my child were sick, I would keep her at home away from other kids. We keep a very close eye on her, and if she seems under the weather for ANY reason, we figure out what's going on. Vaccines aren't 100% anyways, in most outbreaks the majority of the kids who get the disease have been vaccinated against it and STILL GET IT. So they could pass a disease on to your child as well, FYI.

I’m so relieved to hear that you are psychic and will therefore be able to tell when your child is infectious but not yet symptomatic! /sarcasm

Apparently you didn’t read any of my other posts on the subject—the specific problem with DTAP as a vaccine is that its coverage is nowhere near 100% in the population. Because of this, every person who deliberately chooses not to vaccinate at all has a greater impact on herd immunity as a whole than if the vaccine had a higher coverage rate. Furthermore, infants cannot receive the FIRST shot in the DTAP series until 2 months of age, & do not receive full protection (whatever that might be in the individual case) until 18 months. The majority of pertussis deaths in the US are infants younger than 3 months-many of them too young to have received even the first DTAP shot. If childhood diseases were still contained to the children whose parents don’t vaccinate, I would certainly feel sorry for your kids, but I wouldn’t consider you a public health hazard per se.

I would never say that your unvaccinated child had killed someone. That would be ascribing a level of intentionality and autonomy to her that she doesn’t have in this situation. If your child passes pertussis to an unprotected infant who dies, YOU will have killed someone. Unfortunately, I don’t think even that would give you much of a grasp on the full consequences of your actions.